Greg Bryant's
Astronomy Article Index

Below is an index of articles I have written since 1988.  Most of them have been published in various magazines, as noted.  A growing number will be published initially on this site. Links will be made to most of the below articles in coming months.

The List (1988 - 2000)

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Contemplating Comet Halley (Universe, June 1988) - my first astronomy article


Neptune Before Voyager 2 (Universe, June 1989)
Jupiter - 10 Years Since Voyager 2 : The Galileo Space Probe (Universe, September 1989)
Earth Versus The Asteroids (Universe, September 1989)
Shuttle Report (Universe, October 1989)
Macquarie Open Night Report (Universe, November 1989)
Neptune - The Final Encounter (Universe, November 1989)


News In Brief (Universe, January 1990)
Observing Guide For Comet Austin (Universe, February 1990)
The Summer 1990 Wiruna Astrocamp (Universe, February 1990)
Saturn - Turning Point For Voyager : Part 1 (Universe, March 1990)
News In Brief (Universe, March 1990)
Greatest Comets (Universe, March 1990)
Letter To The Editor (Universe, April 1990)
Saturn - Turning Point For Voyager : Part 2 (Universe, April 1990)
The Hubble Space Telescope : A Voyager Of Discovery - Part 1 (Universe, May 1990)
News In Brief (Universe, May 1990)
The Hubble Space Telescope : A Voyage Of Discovery - Part 2 (Universe, June 1990)
News In Brief (Universe, June 1990)
Observing Guide For Comet Levy : August - October (Universe, August 1990)
News In Brief (Universe, August 1990)
News In Brief (Universe, August 1990)
Comet Levy Update (Universe, September 1990)
News In Brief (Universe, September 1990)
News In Brief (Universe, October 1990)
News In Brief (Universe, December 1990)
Saturn's White Disturbance (Universe, December 1990)
Macquarie University Open Night (Universe, December 1990)


News In Brief (Universe, February 1991)
Return To Ilford (Universe, February 1991)
Eclipse Of The Jovian Realm (Universe, February 1991)
Tonight's Comets (Universe, February 1991)
ASNSW Comet Observing Program (Universe, February 1991)
Supernovae - What SN 1987A Has Told Us (Universe, April 1991)
Comets - What We Learnt From Halley (Universe, May 1991)
News In Brief (Universe, June 1991)
Want To See A Supernova? (Universe, June 1991)
July 11, 1991 : What We Are Missing (Universe, July 1991)
Asteroid Activities (Universe, July 1991)
Tonight's Comets (Universe, July 1991)
News In Brief (Universe, July 1991)
The October Macquarie Uni Astronomy Open Night (Universe, August 1991)
Education Officer's Report 1990/91 (Universe, August 1991)
In Search Of The Elusive Globular Cluster (Universe, August 1991)
News In Brief (Universe, August 1991)
Astroinfo  - The Latest In Astronomy News (Universe, October 1991)
Tonight's Comets : A New Bright Comet? (Universe, November 1991)
News In Brief (Universe, November 1991)


Meetings (Universe, January 1992)
The Record For Comet Discoveries (Universe, January 1992)
The Beginnings Of Kaputar (Universe, January 1992)
News In Brief (Universe, January 1992)
Comets In 1991 (Universe, January 1992)
Tonight's Comets : See Zanotta-Brewington Now! (Universe, January 1992)
Meetings And Society Notes (Universe, February 1992)
New Members (Universe, February 1992)
Pushing The Limit At Ilford (Universe, February 1992)
News In Brief (Universe, February 1992)
Tonight's Comets (Universe, February 1992)
Meetings And Society Notes (Universe, March 1992)
About That Story (Universe, March 1992)
Meetings And Society Notes (Universe, April 1992)
Postcards From Ilford (Universe, April 1992)
Meetings And Society Notes (Universe, May 1992)
News In Brief (Universe, May 1992)
Meetings And Society Notes (Universe, June 1992)
Society Notes (Universe, July 1992)
Education Officer / Editor's Report (Universe, July 1992)
One Fortnight In Astronomy (Universe, July 1992)
Tonight's Comets (Universe, July 1992)
News In Brief (Universe, July 1992)
Society Notes (Universe, August 1992)
1992 Trivia Quiz Questions (Universe, August 1992)
A Brief Observational History Of Mars (Universe, August 1992)
Tonight's Comets (Universe, August 1992)
Society Notes (Universe, September 1992)
Tonight's Comets (Universe, September 1992)
News In Brief (Universe, September 1992)
Society Notes (Universe, October 1992)
Return To Mars (Universe, October 1992)
SETI : The Search For ET (Universe, October 1992)
Tonight's Comets (Universe, October 1992)
Society Notes (Universe, November 1992)
Tonight's Comets : Swift-Tuttle Is Back With A Surprise! (Universe, November 1992)
Asteroid Activities (Universe, November 1992)
Society Notes (Universe, December 1992)
What Do We Observe In 1993? (Universe, December 1992)
Tonight's Comets (Universe, December 1992)
Pluto's Atmosphere (Universe, December 1992)


Society Notes (Universe, January 1993)
The 1993 South Pacific Star Party (Universe, January 1993)
Tonight's Comets (Universe, January 1993)
Society Notes (Universe, February 1993)
Pre-Discovery Observations Of Uranus (Universe, February 1993)
Tonight's Comets (Universe, February 1993)
News In Brief (Universe, February 1993)
Looking Back In Astronomy (Universe, February 1993)
Society Notes (Universe, March 1993)
A Visit To Parkes And Narrabri (Universe, March 1993)
Tonight's Comets (Universe, March 1993)
Society Publications (Universe, March 1993)
Society Notes (Universe, April 1993)
News In Brief (Universe, April 1993)
Society Notes (Universe, May 1993)
The First Detection Of Protoplanetary Nebulae (Universe, May 1993)
The 1993 South Pacific Star Party (Universe, May 1993)
News In Brief (Universe, May 1993)
Pluto Revealed (Universe, May 1993)
Tonight's Comets (Universe, May 1993)
Society Notes (Universe, June 1993)
First Light At The South Pacific Star Party (Universe, June 1993; Southern Sky, Sept/Oct 1993)
Tonight's Comets (Universe, June 1993)
Nova Aquilae 1993 (Universe, June 1993)
Society Notes (Universe, July 1993)
News In Brief (Universe, July 1993)
Tonight's Comets (Universe, July 1993)
Observing Uranus And Neptune (Universe, July 1993; Southern Sky, Sept/Oct 1993)
Society Notes (Universe, August 1993)
News In Brief (Universe, August 1993)
Tonight's Comets (Universe, August 1993)
Mars - Jupiter Conjunction (Universe, August 1993)
Meteor Showers (Universe, August 1993)
Comet Tales (Southern Sky, Sept/Oct 1993)
Society Notes (Universe, September 1993)
A Choice Of Two Yearbooks (Universe, September 1993)
Survey Results (Universe, September 1993)
Editor's Report (Universe, September 1993)
Tonight's Comets (Universe, September 1993)
End Of The Mars Observer Mission (Universe, September 1993)
Meteor Showers (Universe, September 1993)
Society Notes (Universe, October 1993)
The Opening Of Crago Observatory (Universe, October 1993)
Magazine Review (Universe, October 1993)
Comet Tales (Southern Sky, Nov/Dec 1993)
The Transit Of Mercury (Southern Sky, Nov/Dec 1993)
Society Notes (Universe, November 1993)
Tonight's Comets (Universe, November 1993)
Society Notes (Universe, December 1993)
Return Of An Old Friend (Universe, December 1993)
Tonight's Comets (Universe, December 1993)


Comet Tales (Southern Sky, Jan/Feb 1994)
Society Notes (Universe, January 1994)
Society Notes (Universe, February 1994)
Member Profiles (Universe, February 1994)
Update On The Comet Impact (Universe, February 1994)
Walter Scott Houston 1912-1993 (Southern Sky, March/April 1994)
Comet Tales (Southern Sky, March/April 1994)
Society Notes (Universe, March 1994)
Prelude To The Great Comet Crash (Universe, March 1994)
Galileo Discovers A Satellite Asteroid (Universe, March 1994)
Observing The Messier Realm (Universe, March 1994)
Society Notes (Universe, April 1994)
Some Recent Earth Approaching Asteroids (Universe, April 1994)
Comet Tales (Southern Sky, May/June 1994)
Book Review - The Sky : A User's Guide (Southern Sky, May/June 1994)
Society Notes (Universe, May 1994)
Society Notes (Universe, June 1994)
Expanding The Near-Earth Asteroid Team At Siding Spring (Southern Sky, Jul/Aug 1994)
Searching For Sun-like Oscilliations In Other Stars (Southern Sky, Jul/Aug 1994)
The Great Comet Crash of 1994 (Southern Sky, July/August 1994)
Comet Tales (Southern Sky, July/August 1994)
Society Notes (Universe, July 1994)
The Astronomical Event Of The Decade (Universe, July 1994)
Observing The Messier Realm (Universe, July 1994)
Society Notes (Universe, August 1994)
Jupiter's Comet Spectacle - Part 1 (Southern Sky, September/October 1994)
Comet Tales (Southern Sky, September/October 1994)
Society Notes (Universe, September 1994)
Society Notes (Universe, October 1994)
Editor's Report (Universe, October 1994)
Comets In The Jovian Realm : Reflections On A Lifetime Of Astronomy (Universe, October 1994)
Comet P/Borrelly (Universe, October 1994)
Jupiter's Comet Spectacle - Part 2 (Southern Sky, November/December 1994)
In Search Of Supernovae - A Profile Of Rev. Robert Owen Evans (Southern Sky, Nov/Dec 1994)
Comet Tales (Southern Sky, Nov/Dec 1994)
Book Review - Astronomy 1995 (Southern Sky, Nov/Dec 1994)
Society Notes (Universe, November 1994)
Society Notes (Universe, December 1994)


Sydney's Newest Observatory (Southern Sky, Jan/Feb 1995)
Comet Tales (Southern Sky, Jan/Feb 1995)
Society Notes (Universe, January 1995)
Society Notes (Universe, February 1995)
Editorial - Keeping You Informed (Southern Sky, Mar/Apr 1995)
The Closest Approaches Of Mars (Southern Sky, Mar/Apr 1995)
After the Crash - Analysing the Results (Southern Sky, Mar/Apr 1995)
Comet Tales (Southern Sky, Mar/Apr 1995)
Society Notes (Universe, March 1995)
Book Review - Atlas Of Neptune (Universe, March 1995)
The Shoemakers Down Under (Universe, March 1995)
Society Notes (Universe, April 1995)
Editorial - Moving On (Universe, April 1995)
The Shoemakers In Australia (Southern Sky, May/Jun 1995)
Comet Tales (Southern Sky, May/Jun 1995)
Monthly Comet Text & Notes On Selected Comets For 1996 (Astronomy 1996, October 1995)


Comet Hyakutake Supplement (Universe, March 1996)
Ceres And The Scorpion (Universe, July 1996)
Jupiter : A Vast Realm To Explore : Part 1 (Universe, July 1996)
Letter To The Editor (Universe, July 1996)
Jupiter : A Vast Realm To Explore : Part 2 (Universe, August 1996)
Mercury's Evening Apparition (Universe, August 1996)
Southern Sky Treasures (Universe, September 1996)
October's Orionids (Universe, October 1996)
Southern Sky Treasures (Universe, October 1996)
Bright Comets : The Show Continues (Astronomy 1997, October 1996)
Monthly Comet Text & Notes On Selected Comets For 1997 (Astronomy 1997, October 1996)
Astrocard Annual Report (Universe, November 1996)
Letter To The Editor (Universe, November 1996)
When Will The Leonids Roar? (Universe, November 1996)
Book Review - Hartung (Universe, December 1996)
Naked-Eye Globular Clusters (Universe, December 1996)


Our Thoughts Turn To Mars (Universe, February 1997)
February Technical Meeting Announcement (Universe, March 1997)
January Technical Meeting (Universe, March 1997)
1996 - A Record Year For Supernovae (Universe, April 1997)
Near-Earth Comets I Never Knew (Universe, April 1997)
Astrocard 109 Update (Universe, April 1997)
Naked-Eye Galaxies (Universe, April 1997)
Hubble's Service Mission (Universe, May 1997)
The Comets Of Caroline Herschel (Universe, May 1997)
April Technical Meeting Report (Universe, May 1997)
Coathanging An Asteroid (Universe, July 1997)
Understanding Stellar Magnitudes (Universe, July 1997)
A NEAR Encounter (Universe, July 1997)
Letter To The Editor re Comets (Universe, July 1997)
The Backyard Astronomer - Uranian Challenges (Universe, August 1997)
It Pays To Observe Comets (Universe, August 1997)
Society Notes (Universe, September 1997)
Society Notes (Universe, October 1997)
Revelations In The Outer Solar System (Universe, October 1997)
Monthly Comet Text & Notes On Selected Comets For 1998 (Astronomy 1998, October 1997)
Comets : A Study In Visual Delights (Universe, November 1997)
Society Notes (Universe, December 1997)


Society Notes (Universe, February 1998)
Sky Watch (Universe, February 1998)
When Alpha Isn't The Brightest (Universe, March 1998)
Society Notes (Universe, March 1998)
Sky Watch (Universe, March 1998)
Society Notes (Universe, April 1998)
Sky Watch (Universe, April 1998)
A Notable Planetary Conjunction (Universe, April 1998)
SPSP's New Autumn Skies (Universe, May 1998)
Searching For P/Pons-Gambart (Universe, May 1998)
Assessing The "Impact" Of Asteroid 1997 XF11 (Universe, May 1998)
Society Notes (Universe, May 1998)
Sky Watch (Universe, May 1998)
Postcard From Crago Observatory (Universe, June 1998)
Society Notes (Universe, July 1998)
First Image Of A New World (Universe, July 1998)
Stars Of The Southern Cross (Universe, August 1998)
Further Musings About The Messier Catalogue (Universe, September 1998)
Astrocard Annual Report (Universe, October 1998)
Lunar Eclipses : The Next 10 Years (Universe, October 1998)
Observing Prospects For The Leonids (Universe, November 1998)
Sizing Up The Constellations (Universe, December 1998)
Supernovae In Messier Galaxies (Universe, December 1998)
Wiruna's Tourist Drive (Universe, December 1998)
The Leonid Aftermath (Universe, December 1998)


Astronomy Under The Southern Cross (Sky & Telescope, February 1999)
Getting To Know Mars (Universe, April 1999)
Bright Comets Of The Last Two Centuries - Part I (Universe, May 1999; Comet Tales, Summer 2000)
7th SPSP : Astronomy Live And Loud (Universe, May 1999)
A Step Closer To Pluto (Universe, July 1999)
Recent Astrocards (Universe, July 1999)
Astrocard Update (Universe, August 1999)
Thanking Those Who Help Our Hobby (Universe, September 1999)
The Dark Ages : Were They Darker Than We Imagined? (Universe, September 1999)
Myths From The Ilford Bunkhouse (Universe, October 1999)
Astrocard Update (Universe, October 1999)
Monthly Comet Text & Notes On Selected Comets For 2000 (Astronomy 2000, October 1999)
Observing Jupiter (Universe, November 1999)
A Different View Of Omega Centauri (Comet Tales, Summer 2000)
Wiruna's Winter Wonders (Universe, December 1999)
Recent Astrocards (December 1999)
Bright Comets Of The Last Two Centuries - Part II (Universe, December 1999; Comet Tales, Autumn 2000)
December's Geminid Meteor Shower (Universe, December 1999)


Astronomical Web Sites (Universe, February 2000; Comet Tales, Summer & Autumn 2000)
The Eta Aquarids : May's New Moon Meteor Shower (Universe, May 2000)
Vesta : Winter's Naked-Eye Asteroid (Universe, July 2000)
First Impressions Of A First Quarter Moon (Universe, August 2000)
Neighbourhood Watch (Universe, August 2000)
John Dobson: Happy 85th Birthday (Universe, August 2000)
Neighbourhood Watch (Universe, September 2000)
Light Reading (Universe, September 2000)
Neighbourhood Watch (Universe, October 2000) - my 250th article in Universe
Dissipating Comets (Comet Tales, Spring 2000)
Bright Comets Of The Last Two Centuries - Part III (Comet Tales, Spring 2000)
Astronomical Web Sites - The 8th SPSP (Comet Tales, Spring 2000)
Prospects For The November 2000 Leonids (Comet Tales, Spring 2000)
Monthly Comet Text & Notes On Selected Comets For 2001 (Astronomy 2001, October 2000)
Neighbourhood Watch (November 2000)